Trinity Dental Care, Pune

Our Team

Dr. Joshua Mall

Speciality: Periodontology and Oral Implantology

Dr. Prashant Mall

Speciality: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Divya Raniwala Mall

Speciality: Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dr. Ishita Grover Mall

Speciality: Prosthodontics And Maxillofacial Prosthesis


Cavities & Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are not done in our clinic , this is mainly due to the controversy regarding mercury toxicity, and the metallic colour, which are non- cosmetic.

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Gum Problems & Treatment

Various Gums related complaints such as Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, discoloured Gums and Shaking Teeth can be treated.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. This generally occurs between the ages of 17 and 25, a time of life that has been called the “Age of Wisdom.”

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Orthodontics (Braces)

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work. It can also help to look after the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all the teeth.

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    Thomas Henderson, Victoria, Australia –
  • I came here to fix my teeth for a surgery [I’ll spare you the rest ;)]. My experience throughout all this has been absolutely amazing. All credit to Dr.Prashant, Dr.Divya and Dr.Joshua. Thanks guys and keep up the good work. Hope you open a branch in Canada soon!!!

    Karuna, Vancouver, Canada –
  • I enjoyed the ambience and hygiene. Your assistants are pleasant and efficient.The music and TV helps! Chair side manners of Dr. Joshua and Dr. Prashant were excellent!

    Urmila Samson – Pune, India
  • Very happy with the professional treatment from Dr.Josh and Dr.Prashant. Well done, keep up the good work.

    Ashley Norohna, Camp, Pune –
  • Dr. Joshua and Dr. Prashant are both awesome and they do their job so comfortably and with ease. I did not feel any discomfort or pain and it was nice to have known them. All the best docs, God Bless you and yours and may He use you both for his glory.

    Prema Thomas, Staten Island, New York, USA. –
  • Thanks for checking my teeth.

    Isaac Mall, Vancouver, Canada –
  • الأطباء جيدون جدا. انهم يعرفون كيفية علاج المرضى. انهم يعرفون ما يفعلونه وأنا أقدر لهم. أسناني جميلة وجميلة جداً. أنا ممتن للأطباء.

    al’atibba’ jaydun jiddaan. ‘anahum yaerifun kayfiat eilaj almardaa. ‘anahum yaerifun ma yafealunah wa’ana aqdr lahum. ‘asnani jamilatan wajamilat jdaan. ‘ana mumtin lil’atba’.

    The doctors are very good. They know how to treat the patients. They know what they are doing and I appreciate them. My teeth are very nice and beautiful. I am thankful to the doctors.

    Hussain Sadiq, Bahrain –
  • Thanks for the check up and the advice on how to take care of my teeth. It was a pleasure meeting you! I’ll be back next year 🙂

    Joseph Hrdalo, Surrey, Canada –
  • What a delight to be here and see the extraordinary vision for the future you guys share. Blessings and thanks for the check-up. Nothing like a Christian dentist!!!

    Tim Costello, Melbourne, Australia –
  • We came in with a lot of curiousness and pain. Our three family members were treated very efficiently by the team of doctors. They are very professional and attend to minute details, we were pleased to be treated at Trinity Dental Clinic.
    We will be coming back for follow up treatments within the next three months.
    We recommend Trinity highly. THANK YOU to the whole team!

    Imran Taiyebi –
  • Dr. Joshua was very friendly and professional.  He showed me how to brush to improve the health of my teeth and gums I felt very comfortable as he checked my teeth and have never enjoyed a visit to the dentist so much I highly recommend this clinic.

    Bethany Rogers – Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Whenever I come to Trinity Clinic I feel absolutely at home. Dr.Prashant and Dr.Josh are very friendly and easy. Today may be my last visit but I will always keep Dr.Prashant and Dr.Josh in my prayers, GOD BLESS.

    Nikita Kale, Mumbai –
  • Approachable, proficient and enterprising. Appears to possess all the required attributes of an efficient dentist.

    Chris Varghese Mather, Melbourne, Victoria –
  • A pleasant experience with very gentle and cheerful dentists. Wishing you both the best. Thank you.

    Jayshree Singh –
  • Thank you so much! I’m always so nervous to get my teeth worked on. I will definitely come back! Wonderful job!! 🙂

    Maggie Schieno, Montana, USA –
  • I came here for a quick fix for my front teeth Dr Divya made my experience very pleasant one! Such a well maintained clinic…you guys simply rock!! More recommendations coming your way…

    Meghana Sathe – Pune, India
  • Dr.Ishita I would like to apologize to you. “I AM SORRY”. You have been so polite to me, and I am thankful for you, for giving me my beautiful smile back to me. May you succeed and GOD BLESS “KEEP SMILING!”

    Anonymous –
  • I came to Pune 4 months ago and had my dental treatment at Trinity Dental Care. I must say Dr.Joshua Mall was excellent and very good. Everything was explained to me about my treatment and I must say I went away a very happy patient (NO PAIN AT ALL!!) 🙂

    Revathi Parmar, Forest Gate, London –
  • I’m really thankful for Dr.Josh’s way of treatment. God bless you!

    Simon Stutz, Brasil –
  • I came to Pune 4 months ago and had my dental treatment at Trinity dental care. I must say Dr. Joshua Mall was very good. I was explained about all my treatment and must say I went away a happy patient (no pain at all!!).

    Revati Parmar – United Kingdom
  • I am really very happy, the Doctor was tooooo good. I will never forget. To the Doctor all the BEST in life!

    Dr. Manju Jugadav, International Player, High Jump Gold Medalist –
  • AWESOME experience, clean, good equipment.

    Dam Bailey, Brooklyn, NY –
  • Dr. Prashant Mall, I have never been enthusiastic about visiting the dentist but after today I look forward to getting all my teeth seen regularly. NO FEAR NO PAIN and very efficient, gentle and caring to patients’ concerns! Thank you.

    Elizabeth Selhore – Pune, India
  • Very comforting, clean, cozy clinic!

    Divya Grover – Solan, India
  • Dr. Prashant and Dr. Joshua are exceptionally dedicated, conscientious, and thorough professionals. Their skill set is the best I have come across till date. Their proactive care and sensitivity are admirable. I wish them unblemished fame and recognition and success at all steps and endeavors. Their prompt responses to queries and on the telephone are qualities worth emulating.

    Dr. Indrani Mahapatra, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. –
  • Skilled and alert.. Experience very gentle and an efficient team. Ambience is great…TV distracts well! thanks!

    Anand Chabukswar – Pune, India
  • Thank you team Trinity especially Dr. Joshua..who made the entire treatment look like cakewalk. Thanks for being very patient with me, for your smiles and warmth. FULLY Recommended!!

    Kushagra Jha – Canberra, Australia
  • I am obliged to Dr.Mall for timely inspection of my Sinus problem, which was causing my tooth pain. He is very helpful and coordinating, and understands how to treat and make the patient comfortable. May God bless him!!

    Vishal Singh –
  • I’m not afraid to go to the dentist anymore!! Both Dr.Joshua and Dr. Prashant get my best recommendations…they are so friendly.

    Sarah Bigum – Denmark
  • Excellent and thorough job. Even if it takes a long time, the doctors patiently complete and perform perfect work. I have been to so many dentists in the city but these are the best. They do their work in honor to God, and are faithful and honest. I will definitely recommend these doctors to others.

    Leena Williams, Pune –
  • Very homely atmosphere specially the visitors area  really given a very relaxed look. Doctors are very professional and a wonderful experience and wonderful team work. I really enjoyed being here and getting my treatment. Dr. Prashant has a very light hand on injection. Wish you all best!

    Supriya Vaidya – Pune, India
  • Comfortable waiting room, polite staff and excellent Dental care by Dr. Divya and Dr. Joshua Mall.

    Anna Dragonette – Pune, India
  • Extremely happy with the work and care that you gave me. See you when I see you. Love and blessings!

    Maya J Sinnioui, Old Windsor, U.K. –