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Dr. Ishita Grover Mall

Dr. Ishita Grover Mall: Masters in Prosthodontics And Maxillofacial prosthesis comes from humble beginnings, born in Chandigarh, and brought up in Solan, a small town in the Himachal hills, near Shimla. Along with her soft spoken and kind nature, she has a big heart withtonnes of care and compassion.

All of these, attribute to her being a good advocate, for treatment with the patient’s best interests in mind.

Her speciality is in replacing missing teeth with either fixed or removable prosthesis like dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, full mouth rehabilitation and implants to name a few.

She has a keen interest in craniofacial prosthesis and prosthetic rehabilitation for birth defects and post cancer surgery rehabilitation.

Along with private practice, she is an Assistant Professor at M.A. Rangoonwala Dental College and research center, Pune.